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Project Programing

1. Golden State Construction

a. Define Scope of Work

b. Establish Budget Goals

c. Create Preliminary Schedule

d. Review Applicable codes and zoning requirements

e. Generate Contract

f. Document Control

2. Client

a. Complete Design Questionnaire

b. Submit Design Aspirations

c. Approve Contract – Submit Deposit


Architectural Design

1. Golden State Construction

a. Conceptual design (develop initial floor plan and elevations)

b. Create 3D Sketch

c. Select Materials

d. Define Building Systems

e. Finalize Arch Schematics

f. Compile Sheets

2. Client

a. Approve Conceptual Design

b. Approve Material Selection

c. Approve Final Design



1. Golden State Construction

a. Conduct/Prepare Survey as incurred

b. Prepare Civil Schematics & Calcs

c. Prepare Structural Schematics & Calcs

d. Coordinate w/Involved 3rd Parties

e. Receive Engineering Stamps

f. Compile Sheets

2. Client

a. Review and Approve Engineering Plans


Permitting & Pricing

1. Golden State Construction

a. Compile Construction Documents

b. Submit Schematics for Approval to required Municipalities.

c. Receive, compile, Print Construction document and Prepare for Pick up.

d. Prepare Construction Bid Package

2. Client

a. Submit Final Payments

b. Sign Construction Contracts



1. Golden State Construction

a. Administer Construction

b. Manage Jobsite Day to Day

c. Perform Inspections

d. Ensure Quality Installs and Resolve issues

e. Maintain Schedule & Budget

f. Coordinate Purchase Orders

g. Document Control and Communication

2. Client

a. Provide Access to Jobsite

b. Provide Final Punch List

c. Provide Progress Payments Per Schedule